Seller's Code Of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to protect and enhance the e-commerce's reputation as a vibrant, attractive and safe environment for the shopping public, Sellers and Buyers alike on Shopiya.com. The Code should be read in conjunction with Shopiya's Terms and Conditions.

It is the Sellers' responsibility to read both. Ignorance of Terms and Conditions and/or Code of Conduct will not be accepted for any infractions to the terms.

Code of Conducts for Sellers:

The most important thing is to always be honest and accurate in describing your products. The simplest way is to provide clear buyers' expectations and meet them in order to ensure a smooth transaction with your customers.

Trust is important to build a strong seller/buyer relationship.

Sellers are required to:

Upon registering with Shopiya as a Seller, Sellers will give their true identity and their trading names, their geographical address, telephone number and email address to allow Shopiya.com staff and customers to contact them quickly and efficiently.

Please, refer to our Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website.

Moreover, Sellers should do their utmost to provide a good, efficient customer service, from start to finish, including:

• Charging reasonable shipping and handling costs when products not ordered on C.O.D
• Specifying handling/shipping time and return policy in the listing
• Responding to buyers' questions as quick as possible
• Always being professional in communications
• Making sure the products listed are the ones delivered to the customers

Listing a Product:

Since online buyers can only get information of the products they want to purchase through the Sellers' listings, the information given in the listing is what helps them to decide whether to buy. Therefore, the description has to be accurate and the picture of the product has to be the actual picture and not a stock or generic photo. It is important to ensure that the listing is only used to describe the item for sale and to communicate the terms of the sale in a professional manner.

The sellers on Shopiya.com are required to:
• Specify the condition of the item

• Describe any defects or flaws in the item—this helps avoid problems or buyer dissatisfaction.

• Post the actual picture of the product, not a generic picture. Include the following details in the listing:

• Forms of payment accepted

• Return policy

• Restocking fee, if applicable

• Shipping method, costs, and other information

• Taxes and/or any applicable government imposed fees

• Seller's terms of the transaction The sellers must meet all the expectations set in the listing.

Sellers' Communications with Buyers:
Seller will do whatever they can to provide excellent customer service. Meeting or exceeding buyers' expectations will help them to gain more customs.

Sellers should:

• Respond promptly to any questions from the buyers during the buying process, as well as after the item has been purchased.

• Communicate professionally, including emails.

• Be responsive and attentive to any buyer's concerns or problems. Sellers should not:

• Use profane or offensive language with anyone on or from Shopiya.com.

• Send anyone on or from Shopiya.com inappropriate images including nudity, profanity, or other general content not related to a sale. Should any of the above occurs, Shopiya.com will close the seller's account without notice.

Sellers' Code of Conduct Regarding Returns:

Sellers must specify their return policies in their listings, even if they don't accept returns.

If a seller accepts returns then a buyer can return an item as long as the return meets the return requirements, i.e.: returning an item within the stated time frame, and meeting item condition requirements.

Shopiya advises sellers to accept returns—it helps increase buyer's satisfaction.

Sellers should:

• Specify if an item can be returned.

• Clearly state the conditions in which an item can be returned

• The time period in which the buyer must notify the seller about a return

• Restocking fee, if any or if the item is returned for other reasons than not fit for the purposed described or not described accurately

• Who is liable for the return shipping

• How the refund will be issued

If Sellers charge a restocking fee for returns, Shopiya.com recommends that only a reasonable amount be asked.

Under no circumstances, sellers should charge restocking fees for purchases returned due to damage, defects, or not as described in the listing.

Personal Behaviour

Sellers and their staff are expected to behave in a professional and socially acceptable manner at all times. Abuse or aggression will not be tolerated under any circumstances towards any customer, other sellers or towards employees of Shopiya.com.


You, as a Seller, is responsible for reviewing and understanding our rules for Sellers, as well as all relevant laws and regulations in your area and of e-commerce. Knowing our policies before listing an item will ensure smoother, more successful transactions, and it can help you avoid breaking rules by mistake.

Any infringements of this Code could lead to action resulting ultimately in the termination of the lease agreement on Shopiya.com. In the event of serious infringement of the behaviour standards set out in this Code by Sellers or their employees, or if 3 genuine complaints have been made against the seller, the lease agreement on Shopiya.com will be terminated with immediate effect.

For further queries please write to us at support@shopiya.com

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