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Selling Tips

At Shopiya, we are here to help you realize your best sales and we have compiled a list of helpful advice to get you started. We have kept it as short as possible as well as essential.


Price leadership is a low-cost pricing strategy. The goal of this strategy is to undercut all your competitors by offering the lowest possible prices on your products. Keeping this in mind we have lowered your cost price by introducing; an online selling platform charging no selling fees or commission.


Effective marketing in your Shopiya store begins with how your product line is displayed. The product page is like a shop window, which should not only attract customers, but persuade them to purchase, as well.


Customers love plenty of photographs and are more likely to buy from you than from those who only display a generic picture.It shows to your potential buyer that your item is as described.We suggest High Quality images of your items front facing, back and sides.


Describing your products accurately is a must for any online seller. The customer cannot see or touch your product. Therefore, you have to give plenty of information, even if you think it is not relevant. Include weight and dimension. In case of your Shopiya store, more is definitely what is needed, not less.


Spending time on your Shopiya store is essential. As a matter of fact, you have to be prepared to spend more time on your Shopiya store than you would on your street shop. We will tell you why below.

Customer Service

How you attract your customers is irrelevant here, it could be through your marketing, product quality or standard of service; what is crucially important is how you turn those customers into long-term, loyal consumers.Prompt Response means Customer Retention.


Promote your Shopiya page using Facebook and other social media sites.Let your customers follow you and know more about your upcoming products.




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